Here are some things I've worked on in the past:

  • Switch Vault (2020) - Unofficial Nintendo Switch database.
  • Will I Save? (2019) - Short-lived blog about using DoNotPay, the so-called "robot lawyer".
    My favorite article is my interview with the CEO of the product, Joshua Browder.
  • Seaside Mac (2018) - Pretty keyboard layout for Mac users.
  • RoutineHub (2018) - Community for finding, sharing, and version-controlling iOS Shortcuts.
  • Hedphones (2018) - Track new music from artists you follow on Spotify.
    I plan on rewriting this to be streaming service agnostic. Closed Beta (but contact me if you want in).
  • The Rthm (2017) - Short-lived podcast about music.
    Only kept alive for the New Release Tracker page that I still use weekly. Will probably roll that page into Hedphones eventually.
  • Tenma (2017) - Digital comic book server. Like Plex, but for comics.
  • Grav-MusicCard (2016) - Plugin for Grav that gives a simple way to embed music into your pages via markdown.