Obligatory First Post

Hey there, I'm Harley. I'm not really anyone important, but I love creating things. Sometimes it's little scripts, other times it's full web applications, and then there are guitar pedals. I don't claim to be an expert in anything, but I love learning new things.

After reading Gregory Gunderson's Why I Keep a Research Blog, I was once again reminded that I should start documenting the things I build. I'm really just doing it for myself so that I have a log of things I've done that I can come back to. I could do it privately, but doing it publicly means someone might actually read it and that will push me to write for an audience that may not know much about what I'm writing about. This should help me remember the things I learn.

To see what I've worked on in the past, visit the Projects page. I plan to write up some posts about the things I've learned making those projects.

I also have been exploring alternative ways of monetizing my sites with ethical advertising and the web monetization standard. I will be writing about these subjects as well.